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We give away stays
from camping to our toilets

We will give nights in Bungalow / Plot to the health personnel and their families when all this happens, because it will happen, because they need a vacation

Join the list of Sanitarians or in the list of other Heroes / Heroines of the Crisis

Health Registration

  1. Create an account and fill in your profile

  2. fill the form

Sign up to give a vacation to those who will need it most
Tienes Caravana o Autocaravana?

Thank you for your message!

Once you see that verify that you are a health worker, your account will have the health badge, a health worker earns 2 points and is also included in the program

Verified profile, I already have the badge and now what?

It's easy, just visit our accommodation guide and comment on each campsite that you would like to go to.
All the stories will be shared on social networks and the winning profiles will be published


We will try to be as fair as possible through a jury and a random draw. The jury to choose the best stories and initiatives, and the draw among the rest.

For each associated accommodation, it will raffle among the registered toilets between 1 weekend or 1 week on the plot / It is important to like the FB of to be informed of the winners or novelties

We remember that the participants have to be sanitary and will have to show their card, the winners will be published on the official FB of
the accommodations reserve the right to increase more nights or less.
good luck and thank you

Do you have camping or accommodation and do you want to join this cause? contact us

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